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Welcome to the website of the Dr. Nagy Attila MBA Law Office

The Dr. Nagy Attila MBA Law Office was established by Dr. Attila Nagy MBA, attorney. Our mission is to provide high standard legal services for affordable fees. In our philosophy it is essential that our clients receive reliable, full-scope legal services quickly and efficiently, and that solutions to legal issues can be achieved even as soon as at the first personal meeting.

We aim to provide quality services to each client’s satisfaction as well as to solve and manage any upcoming legal queries effectively, while keeping clients informed on all relevant developments. We deal with every issue with the same due and professional care, explore the legal risks precisely, elaborate different solution scenarios, and execute the most reasonable solution that at the same time also considers the client’s interests.

The Dr. Nagy Attila MBA Law Office provides full-scope legal services in numerous legal areas both for Hungarian and foreign private individuals as well as for businesses (currently in the food-processing, clothing, construction, logistics, trading, real estate and real estate development industries), as well as for municipalities and foundations, based on permanent and individual mandate contracts.

Feel free to turn to us with confidence by using any of our contacts.

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Dr. Attila Nagy MBA, Attorney
Real Estate Specialist

We inform our current and future clients and visitors to this website (“Website”) that the official name of our law firm is Dr. Nagy Attila MBA Law Office. Pursuant to the Act on Attorneys (Act XI of 1998), we must use a distinguishing feature in our name due to the fact that there are other attorneys practicing under the name Dr. Nagy Attila in the authority of the Budapest Bar Association (as well as other Hungarian Bar Associations). We therefore hereby request our current and future clients, authorities, other bodies and everybody else who intends to contact us, especially in writing, to use our official and full company name (Dr. Nagy Attila MBA Law Office) in order to ensure proper communication as well as to avoid any misunderstandings.

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