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Other Services

The Dr. Nagy Attila MBA Law Office and its partners undertake the translation of legal documents from and into Hungarian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Slovak and Polish and, if required, from and into other languages as well.

Access to real estate register, Takarnet
The Dr. Nagy Attila MBA Law Office has online access to the so-called Takarnet system, the real estate database in Hungary. This enables us to download up-to-date title sheets of real estates in just a couple of minutes.

Online-based company register, Opten
The Dr. Nagy Attila MBA Law Office has access to the online-based company register and also to the extended company register called Opten. Opten enables us to get to know not only the company data being in the certificates of incorporations and company records but also the ownership structure and financial data of companies.

Online-based incorporation of companies
The Dr. Nagy Attila MBA Law Office is entitled to use the electronic company registration procedure, so we are able to carry out different company-related registrations and modifications via the Internet.

Electronic signature
The Dr. Nagy Attila MBA Law Office uses electronic signatures, enabling us to check the identity and validity of identification documents, such as identity cards, passports and driving licenses in order to ensure the safety of legal transactions. Such electronic signature is used in different electronic legal procedures, among others in payment orders as well.

Modern filing system, archiving documents, data saving
The Dr. Nagy Attila MBA Law Office uses all modern technology to record and save every incoming and outgoing mail and other documents. Each document is saved in a scanned pdf format as well as being stored in hard copy. Therefore, if a client requests a copy of any documents, we can provide the copy whilst also guaranteeing that no documents get lost and are available later on.