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Practice Areas

Real Estate Law
The Dr. Nagy Attila MBA Law Office drafts all types of real estate contracts, i.e. sale and purchase, donation, exchange, rental, lease, mortgage, brokerage, and management contracts; contracts on option to purchase, on easement, on usufruct etc. Furthermore, we prepare all types of related declarations and auxiliary notices, i.e. intent letters, declarations on purchase, on ceasement etc. We conduct full-scope legal advisory related to establishing condominiums, i.e. preparing condominium charter documents, any modifications therein and also acting before building and construction and other authorities. We provide legal consultancy on any real estate development project and land use, opine contracts and do all the necessary administration that may arise in connection with the legal work. We draft legal documents to be submitted to land/real estate registry offices and also deal with real estate possession, possession protection and disputes, settling of claims against property rights, termination of common ownership on real estate and real estate formation.

Preparing contracts (Civil and Commercial Law)
The Dr. Nagy Attila MBA Law Office drafts all types of typical and atypical, specified and specific civil and commercial law contracts and agreements, i.e. movable property sale and purchase, donation, deposit, forwarding, supply, transportation and mandate contracts, contracts for professional services, contractor, subcontractor, design, installation, assignment, consignment, distribution, lien and consultancy contracts. Furthermore, we draft contracts on selling agricultural products, on Information Technology developments and other IT-related contracts, seat service contracts, franchise, accounting and management contracts as well as co-operation, settlement agreements and general terms and conditions. When drafting or opining any contract or agreement our most important task is to incorporate the parties’ real contractual will into the contract. This must be done in order to minimize the chances of legal disputes arising from the contract, so we strive to regulate every important detail of the legal relation accurately and properly in the contract.

Legal representation in litigious, non-litigious and misdemeanor proceedings, debt collection
The Dr. Nagy Attila MBA Law Office prefers to avoid commonly long-lasting litigious procedures by attempting to conduct negotiations to settle legal debates peacefully and out of court. If settlement cannot be reached however, we draft payment notices and other declarations, commence lawsuits and submit the necessary statements of claim and other submissions. If our client is in the defendant’s position, after having carefully examined the case, we draft the necessary counterclaim and other submissions. Furthermore, we deal with debt collection, workout of financial claims, managing payment orders, liquidation, voluntary dissolution and bankruptcy proceedings. Dr. Nagy is entitled to represent our clients at any litigious and non-litigious procedures in any Hungarian court. We are particularly active in civil procedures, i.e. we conduct full-scope legal representation in cases of breach of contract, compensation, insurance, furthermore in misdemeanor proceedings and in lawsuits commenced for protecting one’s inherent rights.

Company Law
The Dr. Nagy Attila MBA Law Office undertakes the incorporation of any type of business association existing under Hungarian law, i.e. limited partnerships, general partnerships, limited liability companies, public and private limited companies by shares as well as private enterprises. We draft the company’s related articles of association, deeds of foundation, articles of incorporation as well as any modifications thereto, and draft all the relevant declarations, i.e. resolutions on member’s / members’ meetings and general meetings, acceptance letters, signature registration cards, minutes, invitations to meetings and list of members etc. Dr. Nagy is entitled to proceed in the on-line based system of incorporations at the company courts as well as to draft the necessary documents regarding company transformation. Our law firm drafts quota and share sale and purchase agreements, due diligence reports, conducts company screenings as well as licensing procedures at authorities and provides clients with general consultancy on business associations.

Labor Law
The Dr. Nagy Attila MBA Law Office provides legal advice in the field of labor law, both for employees and employers. We draft documents particularly in connection with the commencement and termination of any labor relation and labor-related relation, i.e. we prepare general labor contracts and labor contracts for executive employees, notices with ordinary and extraordinary effect and termination agreements by mutual will. We also prepare mandate, study, collective and confidentiality agreements, labor safety policies, labor rules and regulations, and internal rules and regulations. Furthermore, we represent clients at labor courts and provide legal consultancy to public servants and in issues related to Human Resource Management.

Family and Inheritance Law

The Dr. Nagy Attila MBA Law Office drafts marriage contracts, agreements on termination of marital property, agreements on additional questions related to termination of marriage, maintenance agreements, life-annuity contracts, last wills and contracts of inheritance. We settle issues in connection with marital and life-partner communities as well as with child and relative maintenance at courts and at the child welfare office. We represent our clients in divorce and other family-related judicial procedures, furthermore in inheritance procedures and legal debates on inheritance. We provide general consultancy in the fields of both family and inheritance law.

Financial and Tax Law
The Dr. Nagy Attila MBA Law Office drafts loan, financial and operative leasing, bank guarantee contracts as well as agreements on acknowledging or substituting debt, requests for payment, payment allowances and requests for payment in installments. We also manage the creating process of securities, subscription of shares and conduct legal representation in procedures at the National Tax Authority.

Intellectual Property Law (Patent and Trademark Law)
The Dr. Nagy Attila MBA Law Office undertakes the registration process of patents and trademarks both at the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office and the European Union’s Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market.

Administrative Law
The Dr. Nagy Attila MBA Law Office prepares appeals for judicial review against authority decisions, represents clients in administrative lawsuits and provides general consultancy in administrative law.

Law of Non-governmental Organizations
The Dr. Nagy Attila MBA Law Office undertakes the establishment process of non-governmental organizations, i.e. foundations and associations. We draft the deeds of foundations, internal rules and regulations, policies and we preside general meetings.

Customer Protection Law
The Dr. Nagy Attila MBA Law Office represents clients at customer protection authorities in connection with customer protection proceedings.